What is Connectance?
Connectance is a software tool that assists physicians and other healthcare providers by providing a differential diagnosis based on a patient's set of symptoms. Connectance is intended to be used either at the point of care or in another clinical setting. The software is not designed to provide medical opinions but to support healthcare providers by reducing the risk of omitting diagnostic possibilities. The program directly addresses a number of pertinent topics in healthcare including the need to reduce medical errors, keep healthcare costs in check, and increase the use of health information technology.
Who uses Connectance?
Connectance is used by general practitioners in an office or hospital and emergency room staff or any healthcare provider in an environment that demands a high throughput of patients. The software is also intended to be used as a teaching aid in an academic setting.
Is Connectance easy to use?
Connectance requires no change to the way a physician typically enters patient history and physical information into an electronic medical record, a computer, or handwritten notes. It is easy to use and requires little or no training. Connectance is delivered via the internet and requires neither installation nor periodic servicing by the subscriber. Updates are delivered directly online.
Is Connectance compatible with my computer? An Electronic Medical Record? My PDA?
Yes. With your computer all you need is an internet browser. Although Connectance works with all common browsers, it is optimized for Internet Explorer. Connectance will soon be compatible with PDAs and certain electronic medical records.
How often is Connectance updated?
Contributors to Connectance and dedicated staff include physicians from world-renowned teaching institutions who continually review and update their work. Significant updates and new releases typically occur twice a year.
How do I subscribe?
You are welcome to try Connectance free for thirty days by registering here.

If you are interested in an individual subscription you can have immediate access to the program by registering and providing us with payment information here.

If you are part of a group practice or affiliated with an institution interested in purchasing Connectance contact us at sales@connectance.com.

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